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$10 Kir Royal

Champagne & Crème de Cassis

$10 Mango

Champagne & mango juice

$10 Khus

Champagne & khus syrup from root of Khus grass

Champagne & Sparking Wine


$12 Smoky Martini

Junipero Gin, Glenfiddich, Martini Dry Vermouth

$12 Veggie Martini

Tanqueray, Martini Dry Vermouth, (garnished with - baby carrot, green & black olives)

$10 Cucumber Cosmo

Hendrick’s Gin, Cranberry Juice, Cointreau, garnished with a slice of cucumber

$10 Jersey Green

Absolut, Midori & topped with 7-Up and a slice of lime

$10 Indian Punch

Old Monk Rum, Galliano with orange juice, pineapple juice and nutmeg

$10 Derby

Kentucky Wild Turkey, Cointreau, Martini Dry Vermouth

$10 Sholay 75

Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahluha, and Cointreau. A flaming cocktail.

$15 Ice Wine Martini

Inniskillin Pearl Vidal, Absolut and a frozen green grape ice wine


$5 Lassi

Mango, Kiwi or Strawberry flavored yogurt drink